The question has a lot a merit, so how do you buy a new home before you sell your present home?

There a number of ways this can happen, but to begin with you need an experienced team representing you.

This team should consist of a professional FULL time realtor, a seasoned mortgage banker and a title agent who knows his craft well.

This team working as one will take all the possible stress and apprehension from the buyer and make it go away or better yet make sure it does not exist at all. Being prepared for all the possibilities and knowing and understanding the ups and downs in these types of transactions can go a long way to a happy ending.

So here a couple of the scenarios that can go down if this type of transaction/

Version one: Existing home is listed for sale and if seller/buyer is serious, home should be properly appraised and listed for sale close to a realistic selling price. As soon as home is on the market, seller/buyer should began looking at possible new homes that meet or exceed the criteria he/she has given to their agent.

After you have found the home you want but have not sold or received an acceptable offer on your present home you can either make an offer contingent upon selling your present dwelling and if accepted, have a simultaneous closing with your present home closing or if you have strong credit and reserves and an acceptable debt to income ratio you can close on your new home before you close on your current home.

The best part is with a fair amount of equity in your current home and 10% down you can make this deal without paying costly mortgage insurance on your new home. How do you do this? With a creative team behind you when buying house number two, you will put your down payment in to the deal and than fund your new home with both a first and second mortgage. The second mortgage on your purchase should be in the general vicinity of the amount you expect to net on your current home's sale. When this transaction is completed, you will pay off your second mortgage on your new dwelling and without mortgage insurance bogging you down, you will be paying one livable mortgage payment on your new dream home. To make this happen or get more information, call Bob Forman local realtor seven days a week at 239-322-7672.

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