Okay, so I have not played golf since I was in my early twenties, about 35 years ago. Has this prevented me from selling golf community property?

The only disadvantage I have in my estimation is because I don't play golf, I obviously don't meet buyers and sellers while playing. I know many SW Florida realtors make a living on the golf course. This will unfortunately never be me.

When times were tough in recent history I wonder how many of those golf playing realtors made a living?

Since that is not my niche, I was not affected one bit by the market downturn as a matter of fact, I thrived on it thanks to foreclosures and Craigslist. Those days are also gone with Craigslist changing the way you are allowed to advertise and decent foreclosure listings few and far between.

One of my sales in SW Florida was in a community in Fort Myers called Gateway. My Canadian buyers were walk-ins during my floortime. They had to have a golf course view home, I found them  perfect property which we were able to make a deal on.

Since that time, I have sold many golf homes and condos to avid golfers and I don't think my lack of playing golf has hurt me at all.

So to answer my own question, I may be selling more golf homes now, but may have starved 2007-2011.

With that being said, golf home, gulf home or whatever makes you happy, I'll help you find and buy your dream home.


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