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Many of the investors I have worked with in the past are moving towards multi family homes and commercial buildings as well as vacant land for best growth potential as well as return on investment.

Bonita Springs, Naples and Fort Myers are prime spots for these properties. 

I just sold a duplex for under 140,000, the owner will put about 20,000 in. I advertised this property for rent on Craigslist for a week and had numerous inquires, I rented both sides for $1000 per month per side collecting 1st last and security deposits on each unit. Of course I did background & credit checks as well as employment verifications.

This was an exceptionally good deal considering a similar duplex down the block just sold for over 190,000.

Rents here are soaring, if you are looking to move some money around to perhaps purchase and get involved in this possible lucrative investment, let me know and or check out my new website,

Those that think about it that do not pull the trigger will quite possibly say to themselves down the road, I missed out again.

Financing is also available for many of these purchases.

 Bonita Springs, Florida, The Undiscovered Country.

There is a wonderful part of Bonita Springs that I discovered the 1st time by making a wrong turn. When I discovered this peaceful area, my wife and I knew this is where we wanted to live. Months later we purchased our current home in a community named Southlands, most people get it confused with the community named Fairwinds to our due north.
The reason for this confusion is because our community sign and one of the two streets in our community are called Fairwinds. Therefore, most of my neighbors and I call this place the Original Fairwinds or Fairwinds 1.
Southlands or Fairwinds are both located in the area in MLS BN06.
What does this mean to you? Difficult to find? Not really, but if you did not make a couple of timely turns you would never find your way.
One of the two streets in is Paradise, and for most of us, we feel like we live in "Paradise".
Since discovering this area and moving into it I have sold millions of dollars of real estate to people like us. People who like their privacy or people that don't want to see a ton of vehicles driving by daily. The two main streets in are Cockleshell and Paradise, neither are thoroughfares, meaning that they take you in but to stay on them as you drive north takes you to dead ends. The area consists of many different communities including homes ranging from the mid 100's to the mid 500s. There are condos from 95,000 and up.
Some of these properties border what once was the Bonita Springs Golf & Country Club. This course and club may be reopening in the not to distant future. One can only speculate on how this reopening would impact the values in our area.
The area as a whole also has some single family homes with lot sizes of over one acre. For those who want the ultimate in privacy. There is also some new construction going on, if that is what you want.
To learn more, contact me or check out my website, link below.
Come see what we are about, you will be glad you did.

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Basic steps to investing in property to resell or flip.
Whether you are a 1st time investor or a repeater typically the same rules should apply to make a good return on investment. Many would be investors who are not given proper guidance end up buying a property that they get buried in and either make little or no profit.
How do you avoid this you ask? You need to be working with a Realtor that understands the market, someone who is not in for a quick sale and disappears before it is time for the resale because they know how difficult it will be to get you out without a loss after the rehab & closing costs are paid.
I work with many investors, we have had excellent success in this market because I am very careful of what I will allow them to invest in. I can provide you acess in our MLS and show many examples of what was paid for a particular property and what it resold for.
A good Realtor has to understand the market of today but also must have a good feel for what the market will be in 2-4 months when the subject property is ready to be placed back on the market. This Realtor should have many connections for workers and materials that can keep an investors cost in line so a good ROI can be achieved. What is a good ROI? Most of my investors are please with 10-15% of their total cost into the project. If this can be realized 3-5 times per year it can make for a very attractive system for investors to keep turning their profit into larger scale projects and thus more money. If done correctly it is also good for the Realtor who should be always on the lookout for the next potential great deal.
My team personally gets involved in color and product to make sure that when the property is ready to be resold it is attractive to buyers for a quick sale. I had two resale within five days of listing in the last sixty days.
Obviously there is much more to doing this the right and proven way, but the rest of the goodies are only shared with my clientele. Although I have been involved with investors in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres, most of my business has been done in Naples, Bonita Springs & Estero.
If I can be of any help, please let me know. Contact Bob Forman MVP Realty 239-322-7672
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Bonita Springs, Best value in SW Florida?

Bonita Springs, the place to get the most home for the money, enjoy!
As a licensed real estate agent in Florida mainly serving southwest Florida to include Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Fort Myers and surrounding areas, I have the ability and privelige to see all of the best areas. As a former snowbirder for many years, all we new was Naples. Now as a full time resident who still loves Naples, my true infatuation is with Bonita Springs.
Why Bonita Springs?
1) You get the small town feel with all the advantages of a larger city.
2) Most people who live in the area are good genuine friendly folks.
3) Close proximity to the beach, no more than a 20 minute ride and most parts Of Bonita will only take a few minutes to get to the sandy shores.
4) Some very secluded areas like the former Bonita Springs Golf and Country Club area wear I live and I have sold many property.
5) San Carlos Estates located inside Bonita Springs where most homes have at least an acre of land.
6) Only 10-12 minutes to RSW, Regional Southwest Airport.
7) Coconut Point Mall and other great places to shop and eat.
If you would like to see or hear more, visit my website, link below or call me and I will be happy to show you my paradise.
Most of my listings sell in 60 days or less.

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 Fairwinds in Bonita Springs


Search all Fairwinds homes in Bonita Springs for sale to include new construction, conventional sales, and any distressed sales.

Fairwinds is located near the end of Paradise Rd. off Shangrila.

Fairwinds is a non-gated community of single family homes, many with private pools, all with tile roofs.

The community features lush landscaping, private road, lower HOA fees that include lawn maintenance as well as irrigation. 

Contact realtor and neighbor Bob Forman 239-322-7672 for the latest news and other information on Fairwinds or the area in general.

Call me SEVEN days a week.

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Nov. 16, 2016

Village Walk Bonita Springs, Florida

Village Walk Bonita Springs is like a city in a city or more accurately a village inside a city.  Not to say it is over populated because it is not. But instead visualize a comfortable gate community located east of I75 at the Bonita Beach Road exit. This makes it located under 15 minutes from RSW our local major airport and under 20 minutes from walking on the beach. Okay, back to the wonderful features of Village Walk. Inside this community you will find a resort style pool, a lap pool, a bank, post office, hair salon, gas station, car wash, restaurant, tennis courts, children's pay are and much more, get the picture? In respect to the different living options, you will find single family homes as little as around 1400 square feet to larger stand a lone homes around 2500 square feet, attached villas that give you the feel of a single family but are not and two story townhomes with detached two car garages, these three bedroom townhomes are a bit over 1800 square feet and feature two master suites in their very comfortable layouts.  This community has so many intersecting walkways with bridges over the vast amount of lakes that you can walk or bike ride anywhere fairly easily and quickly. All roads and walkways lead to the aforementioned "town center" with all of its wonderful amenities.

Aug. 24, 2016

Should I Buy & Rent My Naples or Bonita Springs Property?

Should I Buy & Rent My Naples or Bonita Springs Property? See all property

I have been asked this question countless times and the answer is always answered with a couple questions? Will you mind someone else using your property while you are not in town? Would want to furnish and rent seasonally or rent it annually unfurnished? Based upon those answers I can properly formulate my response. If my buyers does not see themselves using the property at all over the next one to five years I would suggest an annual rental, less to deal with and much less wear and tear on the property. This may also bring the best return on investment unless my buyers are purchasing a higher end property that will rent for 8-20,000 per month and be rented 6-12 months of the year. A prime example for an annual unfurnished rental would be a condo or home purchased in the 200,000-400,000 price range which should bring in 1200-3000 per month with tenant paying all utilities. My annual rental customers on average are getting a 10% annual return. In a seasonal rental the owner typically pays the utilities. If you are buying in a higher end community or very close to or on the beach, you probably will be better off in a seasonal rental. Some of the condos on or near Ft. Myers beach, Naples, Bonita Springs or the nearby islands offer weekly rentals which are managed by the community staff and bring great return on investment. I have seen seasonal rentals as high as 20% ROI. To speak with me personally about buying and renting or with any SW Florida property or area questions, contact me 7 days a week.

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Aug. 10, 2016

Bonita Springs Pool Homes under 300,000

There are as of 8/10/16 eight Bonita Springs pool homes under 300,000, see them at Two of these pool homes are townhouses in gated communities, one is an attached side by side in Village Walk of Bonita Springs and the other five are detached single family homes. One of those five is a foreclosure priced at 294900 but over 2700 sq. ft. For more information on any of these properties or any property in SW Florida, call Realtor Bob Forman with MVP Realty 239-322-7672. See all Bonita Springs property for sale.

Aug. 3, 2016

New Law Will Help Floridians Buying Condos

Is this really a benefit?  I think the "new law will help Floridians buying condos. to see all condos in SW Florida. Also, it will also help condo sellers get out of their property and perhaps buy a single family home. The largest issue with buyers obtaining an FHA loan for a condo was the requirement of 50% of the specific community being owner occupied, very difficult in Florida especially in Naples and Bonita Springs which have so many snow birds or seasonal visitors. The new law calls for 35%, still may be difficult in some communities but definitely obtainable in most. If you think that it is time ti buy, you are right! With interest rates so low and minimal down payment requirements, those that procrastinate may regret it for years to come. Call me now, I will patiently explain the process and guide you through your first home purchase.


Aug. 2, 2016

Want To Sell Your Bonita Springs property?

Want To Sell Your Bonita Springs property? In about a minute you'll have a realistic value of your home. Want live help? Contact Realtor Bob Forman 7 days a week. 239-322-7672

Let's put a sold sign on your property.for sale sign

Aug. 2, 2016

See New Construction Naples, Bonita Springs & Estero

See New Construction Naples, Bonita Springs & Estero on When on my site, remove check-mark from either homes or condos if you want one or the other. Then click on advanced search, than "status type" check the 3 lines that mention construction. If you want to change other criteria, do it now and begin your search. Next if you are serious about buying, you should have Realtor representation, someone looking out for your best interests. If you have no one at this time, please contact me 7 days a week.


July 28, 2016

Is The Florida Dream to Own a Pool Home?

Is The Florida Dream to Own a Pool Home? See all SW Florida pool homes for sale, Click on ADVANCED SEARCH. Remove check-mark from condos and check pool under preferences, than, choose the balance of criteria and see your results.

FYI, in Naples from 3/28/16-7/28/16, 1605 single family homes were sold, 928 had pools, this means that 58% of all Naples, FL homes sold had pools.

In Bonita Springs, over the same 4 month period, 509 single family homes with 315 having pools, this means that 62% of all Bonita Springs homes sold had pools.

So, is the Florida dream to own a pool home? I'd say so, the number or percentage of non-pool homes had or are having pools installed is impossible to say, but I do know that the pool installation business is booming.

So I repeat,to seePool home all SW Florida pool homes for sale, Click on ADVANCED SEARCH. Remove check-mark from condos and check pool under preferences, than, choose the balance of criteria and see your results.

pool home 2

pool CC sw 35


July 21, 2016

Bonita Springs Offers Something for Everyone

Bonita Springs Offers Something for Everyone. This bold statement in my mind is accurate, let me tell you why. I feel that Bonita Springs is the pulse or perhaps the heart of SW Florida because of its location or should I say proximity to the beach, major shopping, great eateries, our airport, Southwest Florida International Airport or just RSW.

You are minutes from all the above by car which would include other SW Florida areas such as Old Naples or downtown Naples, Fort Myers Beach, Mercato, The Waterside Shops, Coastland Mall, The Naples Philharmonic and so much more.

All of these places make Bonita Springs a great place to live and raise your family.

Want to hear more? Call Bob Forman area Realtor. Yes I do live in Bonita Springs.

See all SW Florida property for sale.


July 20, 2016

Rent Verses Own in Bonita Springs and Naples

The debate of rent verses own has gone on in most peoples minds at one time or another as it perhaps may ne going on with you right now. If you are thinking about buying, you can see all SW Florida homes for sale Through the years I have helped many first time home buyers in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and other SW Florida cities and communities. Now I have some real numbers on the rent verses own struggle you may be currently having.

Here are the facts, rents in SW Florida are soaring and even though home prices are increasing as well, with all the advantages of home ownership you would have, you likely should buy now.

With interest rates still at incredibly low numbers you will discover that on average you will save 398.00 per month based upon a recent study. Multiply that over the next ten years and you are looking at saving a whopping 47,760.00.

If that alone is not enough to push you over the edge, consider the possible increase in value you may have. Case in point, I helped a young couple with their 1st home purchase in 2010, they decided to upgrade their home earlier in 2016, they sold their home for about 100,000 more than they paid!

My real estate website has a built in payment calculator to assist you in figuring your budget.

So now that you know this, you need to do two things before you begin the fun of redirecting your future:

1) Connect yourself with a hardworking seasoned realtor, one that listens to your needs and responds. I of course highly suggest me, Bob Forman.

2) Unless you are in position to pay cash, you will need to obtain local financing. I have a few excellent options in that regard so I can help you with that as well.

Don't procrastinate, contact me now. Enjoy life!



July 2, 2016

Naples Park, Location, Location and L- - - - - - - -!

105 frontNaples Park, the location is very nice in respect to the Naples beaches. The Rolls Royce (as opposed to Cadillac) of Naples Park would definitely be the 500 block of 105th Avenue. Why?? Because you are a short walk from sand in your toes and endless sea in your sight. See all Naples property.

Now about my newest listing located at 527 105th Avenue, 4 houses east of Vanderbilt Drive and as they say, a hop, skip and a jump from the reason many people flock to SW Florida and definitively Naples where everyone admittedly or not would like to reside, the sand and sea.

Let's explore this home together, it sits on one of the larger lots in all of Naples Park. It boasts not only a circle drive and over-sized garage, but also a large yard and screened lanai (build your dream pool) as well as partially fenced yard and storage shed with electricity.

This one owner home built in 1997 is over 1800 sq. ft. making it one of the largest homes on the block and you also need to know that the home features 14 foot cathedral ceilings in the main rooms as well as 9.4 foot ceilings in the rest of the home, no low ceilings here, this open concept home is move in ready.

This home is advertised for sale at 614,900 with a cost of only 333.64 per square foot makes it a remarkable purchase. The over-sized lot alone may sell in the 350,000 -400,000 area if you could find one. Keep in mind no one is manufacturing new land.

I forgot to mention the Barron-Collier School  district, the highly coveted Barron-Collier!

So if you wait , you will lose as I fully expect this home to go under contract fast.


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